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Heat Load Prediction


Mine heat load prediction is an extremely complex science involving geothermal rock heat flow and the effect of hot rock conduction, mining cycle activities, water use activities and changing conditions on all the various rock surfaces.  It also depends on the use of equipment and machinery and their work cycles.  For example, diesel equipment, winches, winders, continuous miners, road-headers, TBMs, conveyors, pumps, crushers, backfill plants, etc. have different work cycles and heat [+moisture] release characteristics.  Each machine will have load cycles and heat factors depending on the specific application.  The mine heat load also depends on the refrigeration and air cooling tactics.

Although rock heat in the intake systems is important, the effects of stope face advance and face utilisation are critical during system design.  Important parameters in determining narrow reef stope heat loads are: rock production, virgin rock temperature, air temperature, wetness, face advance, stoping width and distance between face and dip gully which defines the extent of the ventilated worked-out-area. This is a much specialised science in which BBE has the highest level of competency.

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