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Specialist Services

Fan Audits & Assessments

BBE Consulting offers an independent service to assist mine and industrial operators the ability to ensure that main and auxiliary fans operate efficiently, reliably and conform to internationally acceptable requirements (ISO standards among others) and all local regulatory requirements. Services cover mechanical audits, performance assessments on new and existing fan installations on surface, underground and process plants, recommendations for equipment upgrades and retrofits for improved operating efficiencies and reliable operating duty.  CFD designs on duct and drift layouts to minimise losses forms part of the service.  Operational assessments include identification of component trends for preventative maintenance, spares holding, instrumentation, advice on technical training requirements and fan failure investigations, analysis and assessments. BBE Consulting is an independent specialist that manages the services for fan suppliers and owners.

This service is offered under the direction of Jakes van der Sandt. Jakes has over 10 years’ professional experience in the field of fan engineering and is registered with ECSA as a Professional Engineering Technician. Before joining BBE Consulting, Jakes was employed by CFW Industries, Howden Donkin and FläktWoods Fans (later Actom Mechanical Equipment) where he held positions from Senior Sales Engineer to Project Manager. His experience covers the selection, design, engineering, installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of engineered fans for specialised process industries, mining (surface and underground) and various other heavy industries.

Part of the team of specialists includes Kobus van Zyl, Raymond Funnell, Andrew Branch and Joeline Viljoen.

Occupational Hygiene & Ventilation

BBE Consulting has expanded its offering to occupational hygiene and ventilation services. The assistance offered includes legal compliance and preparation of mandatory and voluntary Occupational Hygiene and Ventilation Codes of Practice in terms of Section 9 of the Mine Health and Safety Act, hazard identification and risk assessments, development of occupational hygiene programmes and guidance in operational compliance with managerial systems and procedures. Occupational hygiene and ventilation services is offered under the direction of Ralph McIntyre. Ralph has over 30 years’ professional experience in mine ventilation and underground mine environmental control. Before joining BBE Consulting as a Senior Ventilation Consultant, Ralph was a Senior Inspector of Mines at the DMR. He is the lead occupational hygienist at BBE, and assists mines by providing practical guidance with all the legal requirements of the Mine Health and Safety Act, mine standards and systems operational compliance interfaces with managerial standards, systems and procedures.

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Refrigeration Audits & Assessments

BBE Consulting has expanded services to assist mines in the area of refrigeration audits and assessments. Industrial and mine refrigeration must comply with strict legislation including the Mine Health and Safety Act [MHSA], Regulation 8(1), SANS 10147 Code of Practice for Refrigeration Plants and PER [Pressure Equipment Regulations]. For new plants and changes to existing plants, a Certificate of Compliance [COC] must be issued by a qualified SAQCC Gas Inspector (Cat C). All mine refrigeration plants require regular inspections by SAQCC Gas qualified personnel, maintenance and repairs by SAQCC qualified technicians. Updates to legislation occur on a regular basis. To assist compliance with the rigorous legislation, BBE offers refrigeration plant legal audit services and training under the direction of Rudolph Janse van Vuuren. BBE can also assist with performance assessments, fault finding, commissioning and third party witnessing. Rudolph has over 15 years’ experience as a refrigeration engineer in the industrial and mining industry. His experience includes process design, installation, commissioning, testing, training, fault finding and project management of both ammonia and R134A installations. Rudolph is a registered SAQCC Gas Inspector for industrial refrigeration plants.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

BBE Consulting offers specialist Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services to assist our clients in examining complex mine ventilation systems, analyse and quantify potential energy savings and solve fluid flow engineering problems.

BBE is one of the few mining consulting firms to offer CFD analysis to optimise airflow in ducts, drifts, airways, connections to downcast/up-cast shafts, hoisting shafts, etc. Capabilities include steady state analysis as well as transient studies.

Work done in this area has included headgear flow optimisation, shaft bunton-section optimisation, fan drift aerodynamics studies, bulk air cooler turning vane design, fan inlet guide vane aerodynamic design, rope guided hoisting shaft analysis and smoke surface dispersion from an upcast shaft.

BBE Consulting offers CFD services under the direction of Joeline Viljoen. Joeline has an honours degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Pretoria in the field of heat transfer and fluid mechanics, and over seven years’ professional working experience. She is registered as a professional engineer at the Engineering Council of South Africa [ECSA] and has completed her intermediate Certificate in Mine Environmental Control through the Chamber of Mines.

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Fire Engineering

The UK IFE defines fire engineering the application of scientific and engineering principles, rules [codes], and expert judgement, based on an understanding of the phenomena and effects of fire and of the reaction and behaviour of people to fire, in order to protect people, property and the environment from the destructive effects of fire.

BBE Consulting has developed expertise in the field of fire control engineering to assist clients reduce fire risk within their areas of responsibility.

Specifically, BBE Consulting can assist in the following areas:

  • Fire risk assessments;
  • Fire auditing and gap analysis;
  • Fire control measures;
  • Fire detection and suppression;
  • Firefighting equipment and escape procedures; and
  • Recommendations to eliminate fires and mitigate the effects to persons, property and environment.

The service is offered under the direction of Drikus Senekal. Drikus has 20 years’ experience in the fields of mine ventilation and occupational hygiene. He obtained his Certificate in Mine Environmental Control in 2001 and his Diploma in Public Health [Occupational Hygiene] from the University of the Witwatersrand. Before joining BBE Consulting, he worked within the gold and platinum mining industry for a period 15 years in the mine ventilation and occupational hygiene departments. Drikus is highly experienced in terms of fire protection and is currently furthering his studies in the areas of Occupational Hygiene and Fire Engineering.

Please contact BBE on +27 11 706 9800 or
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