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BBEnergy have designed, developed and constructed a linear Fresnel concentrated solar energy collector. The collector has been optimised for local environment conditions and constraints using simple and reliable engineering with the maximum of local components.

BBEnergy’s linear solar energy collector makes use of normal high quality mirrors, to reflect and focus the sunlight towards a central receiver-tube. A thermal oil or pressurised water can be heated or steam can be generated to a maximum temperature of approximately 250 °C.

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The solar collector has been used to generate steam and power an absorption refrigeration machine. Potential applications include a number of industrial processes as well as absorption refrigeration and desalination. It is envisaged that the solar collectors will be used to provide heat to power large absorption refrigeration machines for mine refrigeration systems and ultimately even generate electrical power.

The BBEnergy solar collector is a modular system with a nominal rated capacity of 75 kW per module, which can deliver, optimally, 710kW of thermal energy per day. These modules can be installed in an array and the number of modules installed is dependent on the requirements of a given application. Modules covering an area roughly equivalent to a rugby field would produce approximately 3.5MW of heat.