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BBEnergy have implemented energy management systems to help mines to reduce energy consumption at main fan stations with automatic inlet guide vane control technology. The energy management system enables main fans to operate at full flow during on-shift periods and to reduce flow during off-shift periods and peak electricity demand times. This results in significant cost savings for the mine. BBEnergy have developed and tested this technology for over two years. Funding for the implementation of these projects is usually provided by Eskom, through its demand-side management (DSM) programme. BBEnergy has implemented energy management projects at Impala platinum mine, Kloof gold mine, Driefontein gold mine and more recently at Moab Khotsong mine. The energy management system including automatic inlet guide vane control can be retrofitted to existing surface fan stations during an off week-end with minimum disruption to mining operations. This control system allows the fans to operate at reduced flow during peak electrical demand periods, while still maintaining high-efficiency operation.