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Occupational Hygeine


The underground environment has a direct impact on the health, safety and productivity of the workforce and in response to these issues, BBE provides specialist occupational hygiene services to the mining industry. BBE assists mines by providing customised, appropriate and practical guidance that not only complies with all the legal requirements of the Mine Health and Safety Act, but also ensures a productive, healthy and safe work environment for the workforce.

Typical specialist services include the development of voluntary and mandatory Occupational Hygiene Codes of Practices in terms of sections 9.1 and 9.2 of the MHSAct (i.e. Noise Management, Thermal Stress, Airborne Pollutants, Explosion Prevention, Handling of Cyanide, Emergency Preparedness, Lamp Room Procedures, Ventilation of Continuous Miner Headings and Mine Wide Environmental Monitoring Systems). BBE also undertakes Occupational Hygiene Risk Assessments in terms of the MHSAct, provides small and medium sized mines the services of part time Occupational Hygienists, conducts audits on legal compliance, develops mine standards and systems and determines operational compliance interfaces with managerial standards, systems and/or procedures.

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